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About Ardleigh

Ardleigh is a professional window and door repair company. They specialise in the repair and refurbishing of windows and doors in the Greater Dublin area.

Over 20 years of experience in the repairs sector has brought Ardleigh recognition as one of Ireland’s leading providers of high quality service, specialising in window and door repairs at an effective and affordable cost.

Founders, Lester and Gail having worked previously with a number of large national window and door manufacturing companies identified a niche in the market for a repair and renovation service. Generally companies who install windows and doors will only repair their own products and also have a limited guarantee period.

Ardleigh was launched on 12/9/1994 with Lester and an assistant in a repair van. Gail worked the office. Within a month business was improving and it has continued to grow to this day.

Since then their son David has joined the company, Ardleigh are now a very much family orientated company.

Ardleigh derive great pride in tendering a professional service. They always keep their appointments or contact the customers in good time to keep them informed of any delays.

Ardleigh are not an emergency company. With only two vehicles on the road they are normally booked up a week (minimum) to ten days in advance, nevertheless experience has shown them that customers in general are willing to wait for a proper solution to their problem and wherever possible they will always attend to emergencies as soon as possible.

Lester has over 35 years’ experience of windows and doors maintenance and repairs and has an extensive wealth of knowledge about the business. For that reason Ardleigh are in a position to replace and repair a wide variety of sections and accessories. They stock some of these parts and others they have to source or purchase as required.

Working in partnership with their clients, Ardleigh ensure that every stage of the repairs or remodelling process exceeds the expectations of every customer as they deliver results with efficiency and integrity.

Because of the nature of their work it is not always possible to source the appropriate parts as they may have become obsolete, however, they will always try their best to modify and find an alternative part that will bring about a solution to the problem.

No service can get a better testimony than word of mouth! Ardleigh encourage prospective clients to contact their present clients to obtain feedback in respect of the quality and service provided. Allow them express to you how suitable and helpful Ardleigh were while carrying out the repairs or adjustments to their property.

Around 95% of all their work comes from recommendations from previous customers and installation companies.