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The main problems experienced by domestic customers are:

widnowframeFogged up Double Glazed Units:Double glazed units are made up of 2 panes of glass separated by a spacer bar and sealed with a  compound, if this seal breaks down a misting appears between the panes of glass which will eventually turn to droplets of water. Read More…


Draughty Windows:  One of the main reasons for draughts around the openings in windows is usually faulty window hinges, it is our recommendation that customers use WD40 regularly on all moving parts of the window this will help in the prevention of wear and tear.

win3Broken or Faulty Window Handles:  We will quote to replace or repair handles as required. We also advise on additional security locks for windows which will make it very hard for anyone to pop the window open from the outside. In some cases with PVC windows it can appear that the handle has stopped working. Read More


Operational Vents:  These vents are used to allow ventilation through the windows or doors and can be fitted into the existing window frame. These are mainly used in apartments where gas heating is used.


Patio Sliding Doors: The main problems with sliding doors are usually that the wheels wear down and damage the track on which they slide, we can replace both the wheels and track which leaves the door working perfectly again. We can also advise and quote to supply and  fit extra security locks push button locks to patio doors.


Fire Hinges: Many people ask us to fit fire escape hinges, these hinges allow an opening sash to slide completely back to allow more room for access to the outside.



Door Cylinders: This is the part where you insert your key  and is usually a completely separate unit to the door lock, we can replace the cylinder and supply 3 new keys for each one fitted.

Door Handles: Many door handles suffer from wear and tear and eventually stop working, in this case we will quote to repair or replace the handle as required.

Door Locks:  Many people confuse problems with door cylinders and problems with door locks these are two separate entities, on inspection we can determine where the fault lies and either repair the existing lock or quote to supply and fit a new lock.


Letterboxes: Replacement letterboxes are available in most colours





Single Glazing to Double Glazing: We find that this is very very popular. Many people who had their windows fitted over 15 years ago opted for singleglazing and now find that they are losing a lot of heat as a result, this is not caused by draughty windows but because most of the window is made from glass there is no gap between the cold air on the outside and the warm air on the inside so a cold feeling is felt around the window area. By changing the glass to a double glazed unit a gap is created between the two panes of glass thus minimising the loss of heat from the inside to the outside. Changing from single glazing to double glazing involves removing the existing glass and beads which hold the glass in place and replacing them with double glazed units and double glazed beading, although this is time consuming it is a clean process and does not involve the removal of the frames.